why is @NonVisual annotation not inheritable?

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why is @NonVisual annotation not inheritable?

Hendrik Grewe-3
Hi @ all.

I have a default method within an interface all my beans implement which
I don't want to get displayed with BeanEdit -Display nor in Grid.

I added @NonVisual annotation on the (default) getter within the Interface.

However the property still is shown on a grid.

Since I need the get... for @JsonTypeInfo I also am unable to remove the
get from methodname.

Converting TransferObject to an abstract class is also not an option.

Any hints on how exlcluding the property from grids/beanedits without
modifying every single grid?

Thaks in advance

public interface TransferObject {

        default String getJsonTypeInfo() {
                return overriddenJSONType().getSimpleName();

        default Class<? extends TransferObject> overriddenJSONType() {
                return this.getClass();

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