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tapestry-cdi veto resolution

Adam X
Hi Guys, Hello Tapestry,

I've noticed that tapestry-cdi rather aggresively protects tapestry
managed beans from CDI beans. When I introduced my CDI managed JAR
which also had its own components, tapestry-cdi vetoed it.

For example, consiter Tap5 app root is:


And some CDI enabled JAR library contains beans in:


tapestry-cdi will veto all beans from that JAR even though there is no
way for namespace collision to occur.

Since I can't modify package structure in my JAR, I modified
tapestry-cdi to be less aggressive. Attached is the patch as well as
the complete source file. Feel free to commit/improve or whatever.

In this path, I took a rather naive (but safe, imo) approach to pass
app root via -D and be less aggressive if detected. If there is a way
to automatically detect it within the extension, then this could be
even simplier. In any case, it's tested and works like a charm in my


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tapestry-cdi.patch (3K) Download Attachment
TapestryExtension.java (4K) Download Attachment