problems with https in eclipse / marven / jetty environment

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problems with https in eclipse / marven / jetty environment

Jochimsen, Janko
Hello Everybody,
this time I have another problem that is not directly tapestry related but seem to come from the eclipse / marven / jetty environment of the standard start skeleton.
I try to switch my application to Https / SSL. In order to do so I followed the advice on
so that now all pages should be secured and the url is adjusted to https and port 8443. The problem is that I am not able to tell jetty to use the new port and the ssl transport. As the documentation that is linked from the tapestry side is outdated and the newer documentation focuses on the stand-alone Version I tried to follow this description:

Therefore I placed the files (jetty.xml etc.) in the /src/test/recorces directory and added
to the configuration of the maven-jetty-plugin. But this seems to have no influence as Jetty greets me with

[INFO] Started SelectChannelConnector@
[INFO] Started Jetty Server
As Tapestry now waits at https xxxx:8443 the browser will not contact the index page. What works is the redirect. So if I am asking for the http :8080 page it will switch to https :8443 but there it ends. There is no reaction in the console.

Has anybody a solution or a source that explains how to proceed? My problem is that there are so many descriptions on how to proceed in an standalone or classic JSP Environment that I cannot see what is relevant and what is not.

Thanks in advance