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Rendering cache

Andrey Koyro
Hello Everybody

We are searching for improving the performance for our projects which use

We have done a lot of work to optimise the performance on all the layers:

1. db layer

2. object-relational mapping layer, we use ehcache to keep the result
of  any query between requests

3. even transform the ORM query result  to  a view-model, like a key-value
model and put the model to ehcache. It allows to avoid any calculation,
any transformation during the rendering phase.

And now we are looking for a possibility  to cache component rendering,

so it is exactly the same thing what discussed in the topic.

I have found one implementation of this approach:

so may be somebody found some other solution or have some advices how it
can be implemented

Any thoughts, any ideas could be appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,
Andrei Koyra
email. [hidden email]